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Woah is that top one also yours? It’s gorgeous! Is that a pointillism technique?

yeah, it’s all single needle dotwork by daemonrowanchilde, currently saving up my webcomic pennies to go get the right arm done too.

omg he’s the same artist that did the leg piece I’ve seen floating around the Tumbles without a source, thank you for sharing! I’ve been looking for more of his work, it’s fantastic!



That doesn’t seem like enough time (the small challenges and finalist) to do anything decent.

Doesn’t a good tattoo take time? and it’s it better to take your time instead of rushing?

Uh… Eight hours and 20-40 hours are both totally reasonable amounts of time to do a quality tattoo. Like, this was a thirty hour tattoo;


This was a two hour tattoo;


If someone had eight hours to put into something that size, they could be precise and careful as hell with it.

Woah is that top one also yours? It’s gorgeous! Is that a pointillism technique?


This mouse makes me feel like I am all current and with-the-times.

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This is the mouse I bought: Logitech G600.

Morgan’s already chastizing me about buying something without doing much research WHICH IS TRUE but like man I needed a new mouse so badly. Having my right-mouse button respond only half the time is frustrating beyond belief.

(Also if I wanted to I could just find something on Newegg and return this one in the next few weeks, but who knows, I might like this.)

So it’s got all the buttons. Like I mean dang, I wanted some side buttons but do I really need 12??? I’ll be playing WoW again when Warlords of Draenor comes out so who knows, maybe it’ll be rad. Alternatively I’ll now have buttons for all my Dota 2 active item slots.

It does have a braided cord, and man I love me some braided cords.

Gonna plug it in and try it out.

Matt (roommate) and I went out ~*~shopping~*~ because I was in desperate need of work shoes and a mouse with a functioning right-click, so we went up to OLYMPIA, the capital of Washington.

It was neat but we didn’t explore much. Matt had to get some food at an Asian mart he frequents, so we stopped there first. He got his groceries and I picked up some random things I found. Olympia and a bunch of other neighboring towns have enacted a “no bags” policy, so if people want plastic bags they need to pay an extra $0.05 per bag. Because of this Matt decided to juggle his food to the car.



Man so like, I bought the udon noodles because I absolutely love udon, but it’s been forever since I’ve made them and I don’t have any beef stock at home, and I hope the little spice cubes I got there are what I was wanting. The dude at the counter pointed them out to me when I asked him what would be best since I didn’t want the giant $6 tub of beef stock. I’m just always antsy when trying food I don’t know anything about, weh.

Anywho, afterwards we stopped by a Best Buy in one of the malls and I picked up my mouse (why are gaming mice so expensive omg I just wanted something wired with a few buttons on the side). While waiting for my friend/coworker Daniel and his gf Amanda, I wound up perusing a stand that had a bunch of board games and it was SO TEMPTING to pick up Ticket to Ride. Alas, all I could do was shed a tear at the $55 price tag.

I did pick up this, though, and it’s pretty neat!


It details the history of Minecraft. The layout is really neat and creative, wasn’t a bad buy for $8.

(Also I’m bad at directions - Daniel and Amanda were in town and going to meet up with us, but when I told them I was at a Best Buy they would up going to the next town up. So, next time.)

Tbh I was originally not going to go because I didn’t want to spend the money, but eh, I needed things and it was honestly really, really nice to get out and do something that wasn’t just going to work or running serious errands. Had a good day today.

Ugh I fucked up, I can’t find my original Tumblr theme within Tumblr’s selection. It was older so maybe it’s been retired since? Finding a new theme is painful, so many people want to be ridiculously fancy and all I want is something simple that also includes the ability to create links, qq.

BAH, w/e I just have to look harder. In the meantime I’ll be making some picture posts so PREPARE.

Wonder Woman by Adam Hughes

I will always reblog Adam Hughes. Every day is Adam Hughes Appreciation Day.

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Happy two-year anniversary, Morgan!

Here’s to many and more filled with dorkventures.

I love you (but mostly your butt, sorry).



Please enjoy this animation gem.

holy crap

Man, the animation for this show was incredible.